Influence leading to affluence

We plan to engage with some relevant influencers especially for the word of mouth publicity from third party tie-ups. We engage with influencers on YouTube, Instagram or blog and who will have a significant following among the intended target audience. We try to strike win-win deals with these influencers on our clients’ behalf which may include pay per conversion, affiliate programs or barters. This reduces the upfront cost and ensures outcomes based payments. Influencer engagement is one of the few avenues which help achieve both mind share as well as market share through one campaign.

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Micro Influencer Engagement

These are some influencers which may not have a huge fan following, but they definitely are well known and well respected within their smaller circles. They may have a fan following of anywhere between 10K to around 100K. The crucial part about engaging them is that their followers trust them. And therefore, if they are directly or indirectly associated with your brand, your brand benefits from this trust.

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Celebrity Influencers

These are well known celebrities, popular for their work in different fields and thereby commanding a huge followership on their social media. Celebrities are usually engaged as influencers to reach out to their massive fan following. These would typically have more than 1M followers. These are ideal for brands which have a wider appeal, but may not be the best option for brands with a niche following. Celebrities need to be chosen based on their alignment with the brand and their notoriety value.

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Key Opinion Leaders

A term usually associated with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. These may not have any fan following in the digital world, but these guys are very well respected in their communities. Key Opinion Leaders are engaged as influencers in order to reach out within their fraternity. They typically do not promote brands directly but show an indirect interest in a brand, thereby hinting about their inclination towards the brand in contention. Engaging Key Opinion Leaders is intricate, but can have a huge impact when it works well.

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