We are relentless

We set our standards very high. We want our clients to get the very best. We want them to come back to us for our quality. We are in relentless pursuit of supreme quality – no compromises. We are intense and determined. Each and every one of us.

Empathy is our strength

We have been blessed with emotional intelligence. We fit ourselves in the shoes of our clients irrespective of their shoe sizes. At times, we argue with them and put our points across firmly. In fact, we prefer working with people who are open to counter-arguments.

We embrace change

Change is imminent. It keeps us from relaxing and motivates us to become better marketers. Sometimes, change can be scary. Sometimes change can be disruptive. But disruption leads to creation. Change brings about new challenges, new learnings and new opportunities.

A good design is paramount

Aesthetics are important to us. Starting from the way we look, to the way our office interior looks, our cars look all the way to the collateral we design for our clients look. In fact, a Hubspot study in 2014 revealed that people are likely remember only 10% of what they read. But if the text is paired with relevant design, they are likely to remember 65% of the message after 3 days.

If it is not fun, it is not for us

Fun is important. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean playing a game of Mafia at the lunch table. The struggle while solving a complex marketing problem is fun. The brainstorming that we have when people throw up random marketing ideas is fun. While acquiring a client, we look for fun. We move people to different job profiles when they tell us they are not enjoying a particular type of job. If we are all having fun, we all produce better results.

We take no nonsense, we give no nonsense

We are very simple people. We are not manipulative. We are the same in our personal lives as we are in the office or at a client meeting. We don’t beat around the bush. When we make mistakes, we accept them. We say what we mean and we try to do what we say.

When you are dealing with us, there are no misdirection’s, half-truths, inflated numbers or overly fantasized narratives about our work. We expect no recognition for doing our job well. All we expect is respect.

We are innately altruistic

We are genuinely concerned about the goodwill of everyone associated with us. We want our competitors, our ex-employees and our ex-clients to all do well. We love to keep in touch with all of them and hope that one day, they would invite us to their kid’s wedding. No business relationship is going to last forever. But the bonds we build with people can last for a lifetime. There is no room for jealousy or egotism in our hearts. We will find a way to succeed. But success would mean nothing if it is not all inclusive.