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Duality : A blend that Gave Birth to the TIC Rover

The world is full of duality. The day pairs with the night, a woman pairs with a man, the land pairs with the water, white pairs with black and so on. Do you know the most amazing aspect of such duels? It is that these elements are great in silo, but when they come together, extraordinary things happen.


There is a great duality in marketing too. We call it the left brain and the right brain, or the art and science of marketing. Till it clicks is formed by two complementing people. One of them, an artist at heart; whose creativity runs rampant with endless possibilities for how to promote a product or service. The other, an analytical being with an MBA degree - one who only focuses on scientific methods and statistical outcomes to bolster sales.


The great duality of marketing has been unravelled and the juggernaut has started rolling.

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