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Establishing pages on Social Media platforms for which the setup is not already done and revamping those platforms for which the setup is done. Social Media platforms are not just to increase page ‘Likes’ or number of ‘Followers’ but to get you actual results in the form of website hits and subsequently enquiries generated and increased brand reach over a period of time. The requirements of B2B and B2C social media vary, and there shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This is where our expertise in LinkedIn comes into the picture. We handpick platforms which we believe will give you maximum bang for your marketing buck.

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Instagram and Facebook

Listed together because both are typically B2C social media platforms. The audience profiles on these platforms vary substantially and therefore, the content created may differ. However, the types of content remain the same. These platforms have a wide penetration but a limited reach. These are great platforms to improve brand awareness organically and create a community of loyal followers. While there is a general global trend of reduced engagement, new types of posts like ‘reels’ and ‘stories’ makes your content more discoverable.


A platform that changed the game for many influencers. YouTube became hugely popular with a more widely available internet, and because it was one of the first platforms to share profits with the content creators, at such a massive scale. Today, netizens flock to YouTube for How-to and DIY videos and therefore it is a great platform to achieve thought leadership for B2B as well as B2C brands alike. With the advent of new styles of videos such in the form of ‘YouTube shorts’ the YouTube continues its dominance in the space of an open to all video hosting platform.


The world’s most powerful business networking platform, LinkedIn has ascertained its dominance for more than a decade. Just when the popularity of the platform seemed to be taking a hit, LinkedIn took several bold measures to ensure that the platform remained relevant and the most crucial network building opportunities for young and old professionals. Because of the unique nature of the target audience on LinkedIn, it becomes a critical B2B platform to build thought leadership and showcase innovation. We have used LinkedIn effectively for several clients and have helped them build meaningful business communities.

Other Platforms

While there are potentially hundreds of more social media platforms that can be explored, it is impossible for us to cover them within the limited space of this web page. Beyond the regular platforms mentioned earlier, sometimes we recommend our clients to go with some other specialised platforms as a part of their organic social media strategy. These platforms may fulfil very specific needs of the customers, and therefore it becomes worthwhile to include them in the mainstream strategy of some customers, rather than just repurposing content for these platforms.

Some other important platforms :