Get your website to convert

The marketing for ecommerce businesses is typically driven by performance. Ecommerce websites are built for maximum users to discover products and complete the purchase as quickly as possible. Because we come with a unique background of building high performance websites and understanding user psyche, we tend to deliver phenomenal results for our ecommerce customers.


Here are the typical services included in the ecommerce performance marketing projects we onboard.

Ecommerce Website

We deliver superior design and development of world class, high performing ecommerce websites. We are platform agnostic to a large extent. So whether you want to build your ecommerce website on Shopify or WordPress or Kajabi, we have you covered. And if you don’t know which is the right platform for you, we are happy to make recommendations based on your company’s background. Website building is usually followed by performance marketing. Therefore, right from the conception of the website, we think about how it is going to convert. With over 150 high performance websites already under our belt, we are known as an authority in this area.

On Page SEO

There is a whole lot of stuff that needs to be done on the website in order to optimise it for search engines. We consciously focus only on optimising for Google Search along with other top search engines. On-page SEO forms the backbone of any Search Engine strategy. It includes content as well as technical analysis of the website, followed by the optimisation.

Off Page SEO

Apart from the optimisation on the website, there are several best practices which need to be followed for the search engines to rank the website higher. The best way of generating traffic on the website is through organic means, for which the Search Engines need to develop affinity towards the website and the domain. Although, in recent Search Engine updates, Google has reduced the importance of the technical aspects and correspondingly increased the importance of Content in search engine ranking. But good off-page practices can never go out of fashion.

Organic Social Media Campaigns

Establishing pages on Social Media platforms for which the setup is not already done and revamping those platforms for which the setup is done. Social Media platforms are not just to increase page ‘Likes’ or number of ‘Followers’ but to get you actual results in the form of website hits and subsequently enquiries generated and increased brand reach over a period of time.

Performance Campaigns

Organic presence grows steadily. Paid campaigns can give you a maximum reach in a relatively short span of time. Google and Facebook both offer paid advertisements which have the potential to appear at the right place at the right time. Facebook is more of an ‘interest’ based platform, whereas Google is an ‘intent’ based platform. Both have their own set of advantages. We arrive at a media split strategy based on our research and then our experts recommend the types of campaigns to be set up. These may include Shopping ads from Google or conversion campaigns from Facebook.

Landing pages

One of the most critical aspects of conversion is the landing pages. It is one thing to make the audience click on your ad, it is an entirely different thing to make them stay back on the landing page, and then convert from there. Landing page is actually the moment of truth. The success or failure of your campaigns heavily depends on the success or failure of your landing page. There are certain standards to be followed when building the landing page. But it is as much an art as it is a science. The art is to understand what questions your target audience will have in their minds, and enable the landing page to resolve those questions.

Influencer Channels

We plan to engage with some relevant influencers especially for the word of mouth publicity from third party tie-ups. We engage with influencers on YouTube, Instagram or blog and who will have a significant following among the intended target audience. We try to strike win-win deals with these influencers on our clients’ behalf which may include pay per conversion, affiliate programs or barters. This reduces the upfront cost and ensures outcomes based payments. Influencer engagement is one of the few avenues which help achieve both mind share as well as market share through one campaign.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can allow you to create targeted and personalised messages. This can help you to build meaningful relationships with your users. Emails can be manual or automated. Both serve their own different purposes. Our experts ensure that maximum emails land in the inboxes of the intended target audiences while our copywriters ensure that those emails are engaging and action provoking.

ORM and Social Proof strategies

Brands are turning more and more humane, because users feel much more comfortable with brands they can trust. The more time users spend on your app, the deeper the relationship they develop with it. And like in any relationship, it is important to make efforts towards building that trust. Reputation Management and Social Proof are those strategies which help you build that all important trust in the minds of your users, so that they become loyal. We strive towards building a large community or tribe of such loyal users.

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