Making your marketing future-ready

Marketing is evolving at a historic pace. There was a time when marketing remained constant for decades, but in this digital age there are new marketing techniques coming up every couple of years. It is only natural for a company to try and be ahead of time so that we can make our clients future-ready. From this angle, we set up a small internal R&D team, which huddles up every fortnight and tries to analyse the latest marketing trends. As a result of this activity, there have been several new age marketing strategies and techniques that have evolved.

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Chatbots including conversion bots

It is no surprise that netizens prefer texting. And they expect quick responses to their texts. Chatbots have been around for a long period of time and have always been regarded as the next big thing in marketing, but they never really delivered up to those expectations. The reason has been that the development of chatbots needed advanced technological skill sets which have been available only to some large organizations. Over time though, the technology of chatbots has democratised and present day chatbots can be delivered quickly and cheaply. The next step of chatbots is called conversion bots which help the visitors of ecommerce websites to take the right product purchase decisions and thereby increase their conversion ratios.

Whatsapp Business

For the longest time Whatsapp had disallowed marketing on its platform. However, recent Whatsapp updates show that the platform is finally paying heed to the demands of the business and opening up cautiously for marketing. Through the latest Whatsapp Business updates, it is possible to reach out to opted-in customers of a business and send some promotions. It is also possible to build catalogues, display products and facilitate m-commerce. We help businesses identify if they can potentially use Whatsapp as a marketing medium and increase the stickiness of their customers.


Several brands have over and over proven that engagement is revenue. With the Millennials already being interested in games and the population Generation Z rising on the internet, gamification is proving to be a mighty effective strategy for consumer businesses. Gamification can be in the form of an actual game deployed, or by gamifying the process resulting in users being more motivated to perform certain tasks. We help brands identify touch points where gamification will add value. We take this a step further and actually help them create customised, brand specific games which help them achieve their marketing objectives more efficiently.

Personal Branding

Research has shown that leaders with a digitally-led personal brand are more likely to attract and retain customers and employees. Many leaders have realised this recently and seek our help in managing their LinkedIn profiles and blogs. We understand the responsibility that comes with managing profiles of such high-profile individuals and our team is equal to the task. Outsourcing these activities and intermittently guiding the marketing team has enabled the leaders to focus more on the immediate problems, while their communities slowly get built over time.

Employer Branding

Employees no longer just want to work for money. They want to work with an organisation that provides them with a sense of higher purpose. When we understood this problem deeper, we also realised that most of the organisations too are started with a higher purpose, but in the daily firefighting, the message never percolated to all the employees. We realised that a marketing company like us can definitely bridge this gap, and that led to the origin of our employer branding offering. Through this offering we have identified close to 50 employee touch points which the organisations can work on in order to make sure that the purpose is communicated well and the employees are made to feel safe and valued.