RoI centric marketing campaigns

Organic presence grows steadily. Paid campaigns can give you a maximum reach in a relatively short span of time. Google and Facebook both offer paid advertisements which have the potential to appear at the right place at the right time. Facebook is more of an ‘interest’ based platform, whereas Google is an ‘intent’ based platform. Both have their own set of advantages. We arrive at a media split strategy based on our research and then our experts recommend the types of campaigns to be set up. These may include Shopping ads from Google or conversion campaigns from Facebook.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is a phenomenal platform to run ads on various media including the Google Search results, Google Display network, YouTube, Google Play store, Gmail, etc. It was Google’s breakthrough innovation and in many ways paved the way for marketing to transform from conventional to digital. Ads can be optimised for Impressions, clicks, enquiry form submissions, website traffic, enquiry calls, etc. We are a Google Partner that has successfully delivered a ROAS of 10X to our customers. Contrary to popular belief, it takes time for the ads to perform phenomenally well, but such kind of breakthrough results are possible because of powerful optimisation options provided by Google, and a team of experts that understands how to use them.

Types of Ads and Objectives:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads typically give more impressions than Google Ads. In many cases, Facebook Ads also give a higher volume of leads, but these leads are initially not very relevant. That’s just the nature of how Facebook algorithms work. However, upon persistent optimisation of the campaign and facilitation of A/B testing, it is possible to maximise reach and conversions. Facebook Ads platform provides phenomenal targeting options thereby making the ads highly customisable. Because of the ‘interest-based’ nature of Facebook Ads platform, psychographic targeting can be leveraged to minimise the cost and maximise the impact.

Types of Ads and Objectives:

LinkedIn Ads

Even organically, LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform. But off late, LinkedIn has developed a highly specialised and effective ads platforms through which B2B targeting becomes possible. As a platform, LinkedIn provides an option to connect individually and as a brand. Individual connection is beneficial as it builds some level of trust, whereas brand connection plays an important role in showcasing your strengths. Very similar to Google and Facebook ads platforms, deep analytics are possible even through LinkedIn. Typically, LinkedIn ads are more expensive, but they also reach out to a more filtered audience, so the costs even out in the end.

Types of Ads and Objectives: