Mind share that leads to Market share

Many times, the objective of B2C marketing is not clear and therefore the KPIs are not measurable. We probe our customers to define the marketing objectives first, which leads us to finalising the KPI strategy The KPIs then guide us about the tasks to be carried out, thus completing the cycle of Marketing strategy. Because of this well defined process, it is clear to all stakeholders exactly what we have set out to achieve.

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We deliver superior design and development of world class, high performing websites, which truly reflect the nature of our clients’ business. We use the most modern and contemporary platforms for the development. We are happy to train your team for self-management of the website, or we are happy to manage it for you. Websites need to find the right balance of content and design. For B2C brands that are not selling through their online, the website still is considered as a very powerful branding medium.With over 150 high performance websites already under our belt, we are known as an authority in this area.

On Page SEO

There is a whole lot of stuff that needs to be done on the website in order to optimize it for search engines. We consciously focus only on optimising for Google Search along with other top search engines. On-page SEO forms the backbone of any Search Engine strategy. It includes content as well as technical analysis of the website, followed by the optimisation.

Off Page SEO

Apart from the optimisation on the website, there are several best practices which need to be followed for the search engines to rank the website higher. The best way of generating traffic on the website is through organic means, for which the Search Engines need to develop affinity towards the website and the domain. Although, in recent Search Engine updates, Google has reduced the importance of the technical aspects and correspondingly increased the importance of Content in search engine ranking. But good off-page practices can never go out of fashion.

Organic Social Media Campaigns

Establishing pages on Social Media platforms for which the setup is not already done and revamping those platforms for which the setup is done. Social Media platforms are not just to increase page ‘Likes’ or number of ‘Followers’ but to get you actual results in the form of website hits and subsequently enquiries generated and increased brand reach over a period of time. B2C requires specialised social media usage. This is where our expertise in LinkedIn comes into the picture. Platforms like LinkedIn can be explored thoroughly and can potentially produce phenomenal results.

Lead Gen Campaigns

Organic presence grows steadily. Paid campaigns can give you a maximum reach in a relatively short span of time. Google offers ‘intent’ based search campaigns which are usually ideal for B2C lead generation as the ads appear at the right place at the right time. LinkedIn becomes a powerful paid tool because of its ability to connect with a network. Based on our research, we arrive at a media split strategy and then our experts recommend the types of campaigns to be set up.

Landing pages

One of the most critical aspects of conversion is the landing pages. It is one thing to make the audience click on your ad, it is an entirely different thing to make them stay back on the landing page, and then convert from there. Landing page is actually the moment of truth. The success or failure of your campaigns heavily depends on the success or failure of your landing page. There are certain standards to be followed when building the landing page. But it is as much an art as it is a science. The art is to understand what questions your target audience will have in their minds, and enable the landing page to resolve those questions.

Content Marketing

If you want to connect to CEOs or CTOs or Purchase managers, they usually get flooded with messages from people who are trying to sell something to them. In order for you to be heard, it is important to showcase your thought leadership. There’s no better way of establishing thought leadership than to create content that they will be interested in. Creating such content is not easy for a marketing team, without the subject matter expertise. This is where the integration between our marketers and the client’s experts comes into the picture. Together, we create content that helps our clients stand out from the rest.