The basics done right!

For those who do not come from a technology background, digital marketing can be mysterious. When they try to seek the right information within their network, they don’t always find the experts, and thereby end up getting advice in bits and pieces. It is often too late by the time they come to us, and we have no option but to rebuild their strategy from scratch. We came across many such examples in our early days and therefore introduced this service which is more like a guidance for our customers.

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Google Workspace (Formerly GSuite)

We are a Google Cloud partner, therefore, we are authorised to provide you with official Google Workspace emails. Google Workspace is a powerful platform for your organisation to store all your sensitive data securely on the Google cloud. It comes with access to several utility apps like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Meet and so on. Because of the ease with which it can be scaled, Google Workspace is a perfect platform for organisations of all sizes.

Included apps:

DNS and Domain Management

A domain of your company is a critical business identifier. But very few people know the intricacies of the domain name. Understanding Domain Name System (DNS) and Domain management can be tricky. If the domain is not managed well, it may lead to several teething issues like emails landing in spam, blacklisting of the domain due to non-compliance and so on. Several important marketing apps expect you to make changes in your DNS so that they can work for you. But very few know how to make those changes and exactly what will be the impact of those changes on your business. This is the area where we help our customers and save them from potential outages of their website or hijacks of their domain.

Types of records managed:

Web Hosting

We do not host websites on our servers. We have had to recover websites of several customers who trusted someone in their connections and hosted their websites on local servers, which resulted in websites being hacked or data being lost. We highly recommend our customers to not trust any of the local web hosting providers. We have had a very good experience with companies who follow global standards in web hosting and we direct our customers to those companies. These companies typically offer 100% uptime guarantees and have a very good support team in case something goes wrong.

Web hosts we work with :