Keeping your audience engaged

People usually get flooded with messages from marketers who are trying to sell something to them. In order for you to be heard, it is important to showcase your thought leadership. There’s no better way of establishing thought leadership than to create content that they will be interested in. Creating such content is not easy for a marketing team, without the subject matter expertise. This is where the integration between our marketers and the client’s experts comes into the picture. Together, we create content that helps our clients stand out from the rest.

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Content Strategy

Before creating the content, it is important to know and empathise with your audience. If you can create content that they are actively looking for or naturally resonate with, then you can be assured of an exponentially increasing content consumption. Through our research of your target audience and their content consumption patterns, we recommend you content ideas and content channels so that your content becomes easily discoverable. Furthermore, we also create content on your behalf so that you can focus on your business.

Video Content

Video is by far the most engaging form of content. But creating videos can be a tedious process. Choosing the type of video, storyboarding, scripting, recording, voiceover, music, animation, post production, etc. there are too many moving parts for those who are not adept with video making and still want to leverage videos as a part of their marketing content. On top of that, videos need creativity as much as marketing skills for them to be effective. We ease out all these worries with our specialised in-house or associate teams.

Blog Content

In the modern era of lowering attention spans, it is a skill to produce text content which the netizens stick to. In the world of visuals, many believe that blogging has become obsolete. But a good quality article is what everyone relishes. Especially if the article is original and engaging. Such high quality content is not just appreciated by the humans, but search engines too look forward to it. A content piece well written has a potential to displace machines as well as humans. Here are the types of articles we commonly release for our clients:

Commonly written article types :


During the recent pandemic, business started operating remotely. This is the time when businesses of all sizes realised that they can host online events, promote them aggressively and get recognition. This is the time when webinars really started assuming great importance. However, we realised the power of webinars well in advance and have been running them consistently for our clients since our inception. We are well versed with the entire process of choosing the webinar topics, to inviting participants and following through to its successful completion.


Audio is one of the fastest growing media because people have realised that audios can add value even while you are busy working on other mundane jobs. There has been a significant rise in the consumption of audiobooks and podcasts. Platforms like Spotify and Audible have added fuel to this audio consumption fire. Brands can leverage the power of podcasts by collaborating with the right entities and thereby growing their audience. We help our clients setup and execute end to end podcast campaigns. Here is the typical process we follow :

Typical Podcast Campaign Process:

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets work well in both B2B and B2C scenarios. Marketing is no longer about what you say, it is about what you give. And if you are giving valuable content to your users, they will give you something valuable back - their time. We work with our customers to identify what lead magnets would attract their target audience and work with them towards creating high quality content and design, and then promoting it to amplify the reach.