3 E’s For Excellence: How To Craft Compelling Content That Converts

Content is at the heart of every marketing strategy. When it comes to marketing a brand and expanding business, content plays a vital role. Content is the best way to communicate with your audience and engage them in a way that they find your business interesting. 

Writing or creating content is not rocket science but it takes effort to bring the best and unique out of it, every time. If done right, content marketing can ensure that your marketing efforts are more targeted. This can lead to better customer engagement and scale up the conversion rate for your business.

Take a look at this Rolls Royce ad from 1958.

Rolls-Royce | Till It Clicks

Source: Honey Copy

This headline is regarded as one of the greatest ad copies of all time. By following the advertising mantra of ‘show, don’t tell’, this copy incorporates all the 3 E’s of content effectively. Read on to know more about how content can entertain, educate, and emotionally connect with your target audience.

Adding the Entertainment Flavour to Spice Up Your Content

Entertainment | Till It Clicks

Source: Fabrik Brand

No matter your industry or business domain,  creating content that excites your audience is absolutely necessary. This involves content that is funny, inspiring or anything that grabs the audience’s attention. For instance, many youth-centred brands have started using millennial lingo in the content they produce. This helps them maximise the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and drive up conversions by entertaining their audiences.

Consider the Rolls Royce ad mentioned above. The words ‘60 miles an hour’ and ‘loudest noise’ paint a picture and help the reader to imagine as if he/she is inside a car, accelerating fast, with the only audible noise being that of the electric clock. Rather than simply saying it is a ‘silent car’, the ad copy talks about the experience that this car will deliver, which gets the reader interested and invested instantly.

Ford recently launched a new car called Ford EcoSport SE, which is similar to its earlier version Ford Ecosport in terms of features and technology. The only difference in these cars is the outer designs and style. To market these cars, Ford India created a funny and entertaining ad that narrates the story of identical twin brothers who want to have the same feeling but look different.

Educating Your Target Audience To Boost Engagement

Educating Your Target Audience To Boost Engagement | Till It Clicks

An effective way to impact your readers is by imparting information and educating them. A great copy not only entertains but also educates prospects on the value offerings of the products or services. This helps the readers understand the product or service better and guides their purchasing decision. 

The Rolls Royce ad copy is a great example of educating readers through content. It clearly communicates the unique selling proposition of the car through its headline itself. This helps in attracting only those readers that are specifically looking for a silent or quiet car. 

With rising cybercrime incidents, many people are still sceptical of and don’t rely on digital payments. The following ad by Airtel targets such audiences and puts across a strong message that digital payments with Airtel are safe and secure. Not only is this ad engaging but also quite informative, which can encourage a lot of people to opt for digital payments.

Evoking Emotional Responses Through Persuasive Copies

Evoking Emotional Responses | Till It Clicks

Source: Customer Think

Buying decisions are never influenced by product or service features, they are driven by emotions. The key to compelling an audience to buy your product/ service is by appealing to their emotions. Persuasive content has the power to tap into human sentiments and form a deep connection with the readers. It also rewards you with loyal customers and produces advocates for your brand.

If you look at the Rolls Royce ad, it does not mention any normal luxury car offerings such as quick, comfortable and classy. Instead, it promises the upper-elite consumers exactly what they crave for – a peaceful and quiet drive. By catering to their specific needs, this ad copy thus manages to strike a chord with the right audience and compels them to buy the car.

A great example of a brand that connects with its customers through emotional ads is that of Apple. Rather than talking about features, Apple sells its products by assigning feelings to the idea of owning it. As a result, the majority of Apple customers associate Apple products with luxury, which acts as a driving force in their buying decisions.

Add any of these 3 elements to your content and you can hook your audience right away. But that’s not all, if you manage to incorporate all the 3 E’s in your content, your content’s effectiveness and customer engagement is sure to shoot through the roof. 

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