ChatGPT Vs Google: What is the Future of Web Search?

“I have stopped using Google Search now”, said a friend. “I just go to ChatGPT and ask questions.” I was astonished.


It is possible that the technology behind ChatGPT or other similar language models could be used to improve natural language processing in search engines, but there are no specific plans for this at this time. It’s worth noting that Google already uses a number of AI technologies to improve its search results, including RankBrain, which helps understand the meaning of search queries, and predictive search, which provides suggestions as users type. These and other AI technologies are helping to make searches more accurate, relevant, and personalised.


The core utility of Google has been its ‘Search’ feature. With this feature, Google helps users find results which most likely contain the information that they are looking for. However, the innovation of ChatGPT looks quite promising and it may have eliminated the need for ‘Search’ entirely. With ChatGPT, you don’t need to ‘search’ for results; you straightaway get the answers to your questions. Most experts say that the answers are 95% to 98% accurate in the latest version of ChatGPT. Is that really true?


Will ‘Know’ really replace ‘Search’? We performed a small experiment to understand this. We provided a wide range of queries to both ChatGPT and Google Search and here are the output comparisons:

Query 1: What is the height of Machu Picchu from mean sea level?


Our Take: Although both results were accurate, Google Result was quicker and more concise than ChatGPT.


Google : 1 

ChatGPT : 0

Query 2: What is the moon’s surface made up of?


Our Take: While we don’t know the scientific factuality of the answer, it looks like ChatGPT gave a more accurate result than Google.


Google : 1


Query 3: How to make Gulab Jamun?


Our Take:

While Google provided search results, ChatGPT provided the actual recipe. This resulted in us having to spend less time finding the most accurate result.


Google : 1 

ChatGPT : 2


Query 4: How to get rid of pigeons?


Our Take: Google displayed ads first, and the actual answer came after the ad. ChatGPT, on the other hand, directly provided the answer. However, we feel that in terms of accuracy, there was no clear winner so we can give one point to both.


Google : 2

ChatGPT : 3


Query 5: HTML code for changing border-radius


Our Take: When it comes to asking for queries about technology, it looks like ChatGPT is a hands-down winner. It explains the code and also gives you the option to copy it for immediate use.


Google : 2

ChatGPT : 4

Query 6: What are some interview questions for a sales manager?


Our Take: Google and ChatGPT both displayed the answers. But while Google was busy serving ads and thereby truncating the answer, ChatGPT gave the full response. Moreover, when we look at the responses carefully, ChatGPT’s output seems to be more accurate.


Google : 2

ChatGPT : 5


ChatGPT – A Clear Winner


What does this mean? Will we move away from Google and start using ChatGPT for web searches? Will ChatGPT eat into Google’s pie of Search business? Will one surpass the other or can both of them co-exist? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure – finally, there is a technology that will give Google a run for its money.


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