5 things that ‘you need to stop’ to make yourself fit

The media and especially the main-stream media doesn’t present a healthy, beautiful body. Platforms like Instagram where models post their skinny pictures, are followed by millions. But this longing to attain too skinny, unhealthy bodies spreads a wrong notion in the society.  Remember what a healthy and natural body looks and feels like, and aim for that. All bodies are different. Respect, the already amazing body that you have. Try to reach your best, rather than longing for what is considered ‘perfect’ by the society. Keep working hard and eating right until you look noticeably better.

But in your journey to become your best, the DON’Ts are as important as the DOs. Here is a short list of what ‘you need to stop’, to make yourself fit again.


1. Thinking ‘career first, self later’

You need to focus on your body as much as your career or what you want to achieve in life. Would you rather be a sleek looking CEO or a grumpy old person, no one likes. Your life is happening now, and your body is a part of it.


2. Cursing the mirror

Looking into the mirror is good. Having friends who show you the mirror is even better. But rather than bashing yourself, take measures. Start indulging in something which you enjoy and which makes you fitter as a side-effect.


3. Thinking ‘looks are everything’

Yes, looks are important only to a limited extent. You need to focus on your overall health, which includes your physical fitness, mental well-being and spiritual contentment. Your body is nothing but a reflection of your mind.


4. Fighting with yourself

Life is hard in itself. There are enough things to deal with outside. Don’t create enemies within. Stop fighting with yourself and deal accept your shortcomings. Focus on what you enjoy. Not everybody is meant to have a chiseled physique.


5. Blaming your body

If only I was fitter, looked better… It doesn’t matter. And it’s certainly not your body’s fault. If you really think it is, change it. There are some things which you can’t change, thankfully, your body isn’t one of them. Don’t spend time contemplating, start doing.


– Abhimanyu Tadwalkar
Till it clicks Studio Pvt Ltd

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